A New Jersey man whose altercation with police was caught on video has been cleared of criminal charges including resisting arrest and assault.

In 2012, officers were called to 30-year-old Marcus Jeter's house in Bloomfield, NJ, after reportedly receiving a domestic violence call. Neither Jeter, a DJ, nor his girlfriend were arrested at the scene, but when Jeter left his home a few hours later, the cops reportedly tailed him and pulled him over on the Garden State Parkway.

Then, according to Jeter, the cops ordered him out of the car at gunpoint, a second cop car smashed the car window and a cop punched him repeatedly. "The next thing I know, as he’s coming around the car, the glass gets busted and all the glass goes in my face,” Jeter told ABC News. “My hands are up. As soon as he opens the door, one of the officers just reached in and punched me in the face. As he’s trying to take my seatbelt off, he’s elbowing me in my jaw. And I’m like ‘Ahhh!’ and he’s like ‘Stop trying to take my gun! Stop resisting arrest!’

Luckily for Jeter, who was arrested and charged with eluding police, resisting arrest, and assault, the whole incident was caught on the police cruiser's dashboard cam. Surveillance video shows Jeter pulling over when the cops tailed him (not eluding them), and captures the second cop car crashing into his door. It also shows officers punching Jeter in the head after they cuffed him—Jeter says the officers kept telling him not to resist arrest as they punched him. "All I keep saying is I'm not doing anything," he said. "They handcuffed me and one of them hits me in the back."

After prosecutors saw the video, they dismissed all charges against Jeter; two officers involved, Orlando Trinidad and Sean Courter, were indicted on Friday on conspiracy and misconduct charges, and Bloomfield mayor Michael Venezia has pledged to "purge our department of any bad officers."