A New Jersey man is currently on trial for allegedly repeatedly raping and impregnating his daughter in a twisted self-proclaimed attempt to create a pure bloodline. Even more horrifying, the trial is the second of five, one for each of the daughters with whom he is accused of having unlawful sexual relations.

Aswad Ayinde, a Paterson resident and accomplished MTV music video director, was sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2011, after a jury convicted him of multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, endangering the welfare of a child and lewdness towards one of his six daughters. The daughter, now in her 20s, testified that Ayinde, 54, had begun molesting her as a child, which later culminated into repeated rapes, sexual attacks and an eventual child of her own as a result. "He felt that I was of his own creation," she told the court. "He felt he was above the law." Ayinde also reportedly fathered children with several other women in Brooklyn; he was arrested in 2006 after he was finally turned in by his wife and children.

The second trial is currently underway, and Ayinde, who won an MTV award in 1996 for directing The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly" video, is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault, and sexual assault, having allegedly impregnated his teenage daughter multiple times. The defense has characterized the alleged incest as a "lifestyle choice," telling jurors, "You may be offended or even repulsed by the idea of a father having sexual relations with a daughter. And I wouldn’t blame you. But you have to put your personal feelings aside, and look at the evidence.”

Three more sexual assault trials will follow this one. Ayinde is being charged separately for each daughter allegedly assaulted (three of whom say they bore his children) so previous convictions don't sway jurors, which means the dark testimony will have to be revisited time and time again. He faces over 100 years in prison on all convictions; his wife, the mother of the daughters he is accused of raping, was scheduled to testify this afternoon.