A young man was arrested for allegedly stealing his grandmother's car last month. Wyckoff, NJ police say that Arthur Garlick 22, then sold the car for $200 in cash and $150 of heroin.

The authorities say that Garlick's grandmother was at the Cedar Hill Christian Reformed Church on June 3, working as a poll work for the primary elections. Her 1999 Lincoln Town Car was parked outside, and Garlick took the opportunity to steal the car with an extra set of keys.

The car was recovered in Paterson, NJ, where its owner was arrested for stolen property. The car's "new owner" then led cops to Garlick, who reportedly admitted selling the vehicle for the money and drugs.

Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox noted the "growing heroin addiction problem" in Bergen County, "Sadly, persons addicted will let nothing stand in their way to obtain heroin; even thefts from family members."