A 45-year-old New Jersey man was arrested this week for allegedly carving a swastika into a gay couple's lawn.

According to authorities, on Sunday Lakewood resident Scott Cooney used what appeared to be a lead pipe to carve the Nazi symbol on a lawn belonging to Fred Blumberg and Pete Costello, a gay couple who live in Cooney's neighborhood. Blumberg and Costello told cops and reporters that Cooney had been harassing them for months, and was verbally threatening them. Blumberg, who is Jewish, told reporters Cooney often quoted Hitler and told him his mother should have been "burned in the ovens."

The victims say they witnessed Cooney carve the swastika, though they did not confront him out of safety concerns. "I started shaking. I got fearful of my own life," Costello told NBC News.

Cooney was arrested yesterday and charged with bias intimidation (a hate crime), harassment and criminal mischief; his bail has been set at $25,000.

As many as 15,000 homosexuals were incarcerated in concentration camps by the Nazis during World War II.