WABC says that many buildings in the Financial District were evacuated due to a gas leak at a New Jersey power plant. Firefighters started evacuating people this morning at 11AM at some buildings, and then some buildings started to evacuate themselves (including 116, 180 and 200 Water streets, 5, 7 and 10 Hanover Square, 111 and 116 John streets, 40 and 49 Fulton Street, 70 Hike Street). When we mapped Linden, NJ - where the plant is located - and 5 Hanover Square (where the smell was first detected), it looks like there's at least 15 miles between them, which makes us wonder if other parts of NJ, like Jersey City, were evacuated. Or did the gas somehow rise so high that only tall building workers were aware.

Streets were closed by the FDNY - we're not sure if they still are.