It seemed as though New Jersey was thisclose to becoming just a little bit more naked, with a vote on allowing a portion of Asbury Park to become a topless beach happening last night. But the prudes win again! According to WCBS, city leaders found an ordinance in place that prohibits public exposure; mayor Ed Johnson says he doesn't plan to change the ordinance to allow nudity, but may update it for other reasons (the same law also prohibits bathing suits on the boardwalk!).

Some residents at last night's meeting are likely relieved by the decision—one declaring,
"I don't want my family members to be exposed to" toplessness, and another saying, "I oppose any public nudity or partial nudity on city beaches."

However, the woman who proposed the topless beach, yoga instructor Reggie Flimlin, isn't pleased with the girded law staying in place. She says, "It's a shame. They had a real opportunity here to embrace women's rights in Asbury Park. It's discouraging." Other locals who supported her also thought the topless sector would revitalize tourism and create new buzz around the beach town, according to 1010Wins. Well ladies, just pick yourselves up some of JWOWW's new bikinis—your neighbors will soon change their tune.