NJ Senate President Richard Codey, who has also been acting governor three (!) times, has introduced new legislation that would toughen penalties against motorists repeatedly caught drunk driving as well as those who lend vehicles to people with a suspended or revoked license. The Star Ledger reports, "The bills were prompted, in part, by recent reports of an East Rutherford man who injured another man and his young daughter in a DUI related accident and was later found to have 12 previous DUI convictions and 78 license suspensions." (The repeat DUI driver tried to flee the police by running into a park.) One bill would "impose mandatory jail time of six months to one year for anyone caught driving under the influence while currently suspended for a previous DUI or previous refusal to take a breath test; or for anyone caught driving two times or more while suspended for a DUI or refusal to take a breath test, even if they are not intoxicated." Codey said, "In my opinion, one time caught drunk driving is too many... If you don't learn from those mistakes and continue to endanger the lives of others, we need to send a clear message that we are going to have zero tolerance."