Earlier this week, we were horrified by the video of two New Jersey men beating up a homeless man, seemingly for fun. Taylor Giresi, 20, and a 17-year-old accomplice were both arrested and charged with aggravated assault; they're also accused of stealing 50-year-old victim David Ivins bicycle as well. And now, Ivins has reportedly suffered a seizure.

In the aftermath of the cruel beating, Ivins described the experience to CBS: “No good people, man. No good kids or youngsters. I think they should go away man...Scared me man—kicking me in the face and kicking me in the chest." There was an outpouring of donations for Ivins, including a motel offering him a room for two weeks.

A heavy drinker, Ivins said he hoped to use the terrible experience to turn his life around: “I’m going to my mom’s, people that support me. I’m going get into a program, met a friend today who’s gonna find me work when I get back,” he said. But when he was at the Belmar Police Department Wednesday night picking up a bicycle that had been donated to him, he was rushed to the hospital. APP reports he is in stable condition now, and has been released.

You can see the stomach-churning original compilation video below, which includes the two attackers beating, stealing from and taunting Ivins in Wall Township.