A rising Don Bosco Prep football star, who was being courted by some major college programs, was expelled and may have lost many of his recruiters over a months-long string offensive tweets. For a high school that takes its football arguably too seriously, this is bad news. When will everyone learn that when you post dumb sh*t on the internet, people will notice?

Cornerback Yuri Wright, who was being recruited by Michigan, Rutgers, Notre Dame and others, was expelled from Don Bosco on Wednesday. His Twitter, which was private but had over 1,600 followers, is down now, but many sites have screengrabs of some of the more colorful comments for posterity, including gems like these:


SportsGrid feels confident that Wright will still get recruited somewhere, though reputation is pretty much shot. “It’s unfortunate. Kids don’t realize that everything they say can be heard everywhere these days,” Don Bosco Prep defensive coordinator Danny Marangi said. “They have to realize that they’re held to a higher standard, not the like the average student.”