In August, rumors started swirling that a Formula One race could be coming the way of New York City (well, Weehawken and West New York) but we didn't put too much stock in it. We've been burned by F1 before. But lo! A source has confirmed to the AP that the race is coming to town in June 2013. A press conference is scheduled to announce the news in Weehawken tomorrow. Race fans, you can commence getting excited!

F1 has been wanting to get back into the States for awhile now (the last F1 in the states was in 2007 in Indianapolis) and already has an Austin, Texas, race scheduled for 2012, but having the "world's premier racing circuit" take place along the Hudson with the New York skyline as a backdrop is going to be big news. The actual race circuit is still under wraps, but here's one that F1Fanatic worked up based on provisional plans back in August: