A fire that started in an Elizabeth, NJ warehouse yesterday afternoon continues to burn and it's possible that smoke will be visible for days (Staten Islanders can see it!). It had been a five-alarm fire yesterday and now it's seven alarms.

The warehouse is the former Burry Biscuits building, which now houses a variety of other businesses. Elizabeth fire officials think the blaze started from a car fire in an auto body shop and the fire has spread throughout, with some structural collapses. WCBS 2 reports that " water and foam have been pumped into the sub basement where it’s believed the heart of the blaze is burning," and a person who has worked in the building for 45 years says, "That last basement, we were never allowed to go down there. There’s three basements: basement, sub basement and one underneath the sub basement."

While the smell of burning plastic is evident, Union County officials say there aren't any air quality concerns... yet. One NJ resident who remembers the old cookie factory told the Star-Ledger, "It smelled so good. Now it's scary because it doesn't smell like anything, but you see the black smoke and you wonder what it's emitting into the air.”