Some volunteer firefighters but full-time frat bros have made waves in South Jersey for hanging a sign requesting passersby to "show us your tits." Sorry, that's incorrect. The sign actually reads "SHOW US YOUR TITS." Nothing drives women to rip off their clothes like caps-lock!

The cheery yellow sign was hung below the Williamstown Fire Company's banner at the state's Fireman's Convention last weekend. While it's true that a Fireman's Convention is probably one of the better opportunities to brush off the ol' SHOW US YOUR TITS sign, it turns out that there is, in fact, no good public place to hang it at all. Maybe strung between two trees in a forest? Maybe at the Uffizi, under Venus of Urbino? Next to the American flags on the moon?

Residents of Williamstown didn't find the sign especially hilarious. Shawn Rutter, who snapped the above pictured photo, considers it inappropriate.

"I think it's demoralizing to women. I think it's insulting," he told the South Jersey Times. "A lot of young kids idolize that type of work. Every little kid wants to be a firefighter. A lot of parents drive their kids to that parade. That's not a conducive learning environment."

Authorities have not yet determined how to punish the parties responsible, since Williamstown is a volunteer force. The town's mayor, Michael Gabbianelli, said some members might be suspended, but that in all likelihood the incident was simply a joke that didn't quite turn out. Hrm.

"It doesn't represent our town the right way. They are all volunteers, and they're all good guys," Gabbianelli told the paper. "It was probably a joke that got carried away. But something will be done about it."