Arthur Morgan III, the NJ man accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter by drowning her in a Wall Township, NJ stream, is being held on $10 million bail. Monmouth County prosecutors painted a tragic picture of little Tierra's death.

Deputy First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Richard Incremona told the judge, "[The] murder was of his 2-year-old daughter, judge, whom he had strapped into a car seat and tossed off a bridge into a running creek awake, alert and helpless. To assure she would not survive, he took a spare car jack for a flat tire and attached it to the back of that seat to weigh as an anchor upon her entering the water."

Morgan allegedly killed Tierra on November 21—he told the child's mother (his estranged girlfriend) that he was taking taking her to see Happy Feet Two; after the killing, Morgan allegedly went to a friend's house to drink—but then disappeared and was only apprehended after an eight-day manhunt in San Diego. His public defender said the $10 million was excessive, but Superior Court Judge Thomas Scully said that the crime was serious and noted Morgan's risk of flight.