2008_10_turbine.jpgYesterday lawmakers in New Jersey gave their approval to allow the construction of a $1 billion offshore wind farm as part of an overall plan that calls for 20 percent of the state’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2020. The plan includes the building of 96 turbines beginning in 2013 that will power over tens of thousands of homes. Unlike previously proposed turbines that were seen as potential eyesores on ocean views, these will be deep sea turbines, built 16 to 20 miles from the shore. PSE&G says that the turbines would produce enough energy to enable the company to break even within seven years. New Jersey's bold initiative is expected to provide momentum in New York, where Con Edison is currently investigating how to feasible using wind power would be following Mayor Bloomberg's talk over the summer imagining a city skyline where turbines sat atop New York City buildings.