Not one to be constrained by the Opinions of others, New Jersey dentist Wayne Gangi has rebuilt his now-world-famous* lawn display—with even more sexy mannequins this time because screw you, neighbors.

Last week, enraged Clifton, NJ resident Desiree Shepstone hacked apart Gangi's risqué Easter tableau. At the time of the crime—and I do mean crime; Shepstone has been charged with criminal mischief for her rampage—the display included five busty mannequins, stationed outside Gangi's dental office and outfitted in negligees, rabbit ears, and fishnet stockings. Gangi and his staff scattered enormous eggs at their feet and strapped baskets to their wrists, ostensibly a hat tip to a certain Christian holiday.

In reality, Gangi said, he wanted to honor the late Hugh Hefner on what would've been his 93rd birthday (April 9th), but that didn't explain the heavy-handed Easter accents.

Whether Jesus or a deceased Playboy publisher inspired this festive scene, Shepstone believed it posed a threat to her 16-year-old son, "a good boy," and his propriety. Some of Shepstone's community supporters also pointed out that the whole shebang was a weird choice for Easter. Reasonable, but consider this: All these plastic bodies—once dismembered and heaped in a sad pile—have been resurrected and stand miraculously healed after a brief stint in the tomb (Gangi's garage). As I understand it, that is the story of Easter, which may actually make this a pretty fitting tribute. Sorry!

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Dentist humor in Clifton, NJ yesterday.

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After Shepstone's attack, Gangi vowed to put his display back up. Before its destruction, it polarized locals, some of whom saw it as sexist and demeaning—I think you will be able to see why that is, if you squint—whereas others maintained that Gangi has the right to decorate his property however he sees fit. And indeed, Gangi engineers elaborate displays for most holidays: He reportedly used the same mannequins for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, and covers his whole house in cobwebs and ghoul parts for Halloween. Gangi viewed this as a treat for children, but the city reportedly viewed it as a public safety hazard, and made the dentist take down his Halloween gear in 2013.

Anyway, Gangi is no stranger to controversy, and the offensive Shepstone launched on his Easter army only strengthened his resolve. He had repaired and replaced the core five mannequins by Friday, and now, has added three more mannequins into the mix. New additions include two man mannequins—a heavily mustachioed dude who stands confidently at the front of the display, drawn-on nips blazing, and a bunny-eared guy with a ponytail who lurks in the rear with his back to the audience, what is he doing?—plus a sort of Dorothy-slash-Alice-in-Wonderland figure.

Gangi previously told that he planned to dress one of the mannequins as Joe Biden, if he could "find the right outfit." Personally, I am thankful that he didn't do that, and also that he made the following improvements (per Speakers pumping out dance hits such as Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," "masks for the 'shy' bunnies," a disco ball, and surveillance cameras, "so he can keep an eye on the display." Plus caution tape, to keep out the vandals.

Gangi was not immediately available for comment on Tuesday morning, but please cross your fingers that he agrees to share some insight into his creative process. Until then, for those of you who celebrate, happy Easter from all your friends:

*There's a lot of coverage coming out of Canada, so.