The racy disco scene a dentist constructed on his office lawn has polarized the Clifton, New Jersey community. Advocates for freedom of home decor find themselves energized by this sea of bare plastic flesh, while critics have scoffed that it "is disgusting" and its creator "has ZERO respect for women and the young girls of our town."

Well, you can check your negative attitude at the door because Dr. Wayne Gangi doesn't need it. Turns out, this sexy lawn display is actually philanthropic. So, who's the asshole now?

According to, Gangi was in the process of taking down his army of divisive, negligee-clad dolls when someone stopped him to air their grievances. The tableau—five voluptuous mannequins wearing underwear, fishnets, and rabbit ears; one (1) mannequin outfitted for some kind of adult Wizard of Oz cosplay; and two macho shirtless mannequins, all standing frozen amid scattered disco balls and jumbo Easter eggs—was nothing short of "abhorrent," this detractor scolded. Why didn't the dentist do something "positive" with all the media attention, hm? Why not use his new-found platform to raise money for a good cause, like say the restoration of Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, which a fire ravaged on Monday?

Gangi reportedly agreed, and told his angry neighbor that if they brought him a donation bin and a sign, he'd take care of the rest. So now the display boasts yet another new addition:

Gangi set up the sign on Tuesday evening, according to, and collected $30 within the hour. He hesitates to leave the donation bucket outside during the nighttimes, though, given what happened last week. As you know, an enraged Clifton resident hacked apart Gangi's mannequins on April 9th—the late Hugh Hefner's birthday, the very occasion Gangi allegedly intended to celebrate.

The perp, one Desiree Shepstone, has since been charged with criminal mischief for her rampage, while Gangi rebuilt his display into something bigger and sexier than ever before.

Gangi was not available for comment on Wednesday morning, so we can't currently say how long he plans to keep his suggestive exhibit intact. Sunday is Easter, though, so if I had to guess, I'd say your viewing window is closing fast. Head over to Clifton, New Jersey and make your charitable donation while you still can. And please, let us know how it is: Pics or it didn't happen, as they say.