In yet another case of New Jersey one-upping New York, a human skull was found by a man on the Delaware River on Sunday. Randy Garrison was on a boat with his 4-year-old daughter and her friends when he noticed something unusual bobbing in the water. “At first I thought it was a buoy for a crab pot," Garrison told the Times-Ledger. "Then a wave hit it, and it was turned to face me. I saw it was a skull and I pointed it out to the others with me...There was a good 30 seconds of silence between all of us.” Any respectable dad would have then stomped his foot on the boat and shouted "BOO."

Garrison then did what anyone would do if they found a human skull on an outing with a bunch of little girls: "He decided to fill a cooler with water and store the skull inside," presumably so he could tell them to stop splashing or "Skull Man is gonna give you a kiss." And, you know, contact the authorities.

“It’s been turned over to the medical examiner’s office for identification, but it can be hard to determine an identity with just a skull,” a Corporal for the Delaware State Police said. Forensic testing on the skull is expected to take months, but Garrison will always have the story about the time he looked $1,700 in the face.