A group of bored teens dressing in camouflage outfits and popping up in a NJ park to gently spook visitors are now being warned by local authorities to stop. A Union County police spokesperson said the "Rahway Bushman" would be arrested if they were caught, "It's great until the first person falls and sues the county. We never advise anyone to do anything of this nature."

NJ.com reports that the high school students "found ghillie suits, or camouflage costumes, and decided in early October to put the outfits to use in [Rahway River Park]. It started out, they said, out of pure entertainment for them after school and on the weekends. After a few trials, and a few debates on the Facebook channel the community voice of Rahway, the Bushmen decided to soften their act and instead of jumping up they to simply stood up and said 'hi' to unsuspecting park goers."

One of the teens said, "We were trying to be harmless. It's more or less an idea to try to make people smile."

However, reaction to the act is mixed. Last week, one resident wrote on a local Rahway Facebook page, "I don't think it's a good idea to scare people in a public places, I saw this guys in the park and honestly I got scared and felt really uncomfortable!!! I go to the park to relax not to be scarred for fun by some lunatic.... do it on your property please" while others claimed they were calling the police. But some had a more relaxed view, " If this is all we have to worry about in Rahway today, I’d take it every day... It’s like hide and seek x10"

The trio, who are made up of two wearing suits and a third person as lookout, spoke to NJ.com:

The boys are considering hanging up the ghillie suits, but the "Rahway Bushman" was invited to the city's Halloween celebration on Saturday. A bushman emphasized, "Stop being afraid of people wanting to have fun."