Jersey City suspended four police officers without pay and reassigned two others in response to how they handled a high-speed chase last week, but not because some of them kicked a bystander who was on fire after a crash.

The city's Mayor Steven Fulop announced the disciplinary measures at a press conference on Monday. The kicking is the subject of a separate criminal investigation by Hudson County prosecutors.

"This is the first step for all the officers involved to be held accountable for their actions," Fulop said as part of his written remarks.

The chase began after 11 p.m. on June 4th with a traffic stop in the Greenville neighborhood. A man named Leo Pinkston took off after being pulled over, according to police, and led officers on a several-mile pursuit. During the chase, two officers set up an unauthorized roadblock, and a third opened fire on Pinkston's moving car, hitting him in the leg, officials said Monday. Both measures violated New Jersey guidelines governing police chases.

On Tonnelle Avenue, Pinkston crashed his car, and it burst into flames. The collision set another man, Miguel Feliz, on fire.

Video of the immediate aftermath of the crash shows Feliz rolling to put out the fire. Several cops approach, guns drawn, as Feliz kneels, and one officer kicks him in his throat area. Another kicks in the direction of his head. The cops then drag the man into the road.

Feliz, a 28-year-old West New York resident, is still hospitalized at a burn center, according to

Within days of the chase, county prosecutors had determined that the man being kicked in the video was Feliz, not Pinkston, and Fulop had recommended firing and possibly criminally charging the cops responsible. This drew outrage from police union reps, one of whom suggested that the video showed the officers "acted quickly to extinguish the flames, and pull this man out of harm's way."

One of the four officers, MD Khan, was suspended in 2016 after being accused of assaulting and robbing his brother-in-law, according to The site reported that the brother-in-law suffered facial fractures and said that Khan threatened to shoot him, but a grand jury declined to indict Khan. Fulop said that Lt. Keith Ludwig, who was overseeing the chase, can be seen in the Feliz video, but wouldn't say whether he took part in the attack on the burning man.

The city also reassigned two deputy chiefs in connection with the botched pursuit.

"We are basing our decisions today based on actions that we know are in clear violation of the guidelines," Fulop said.

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said her probe is "ongoing and results are pending."

Pinkston was ultimately charged with aggravated assault and fleeing police.