NJ authorities have arrested the man accused of attacking a woman pushing a stroller in NYC's Fort Tryon Park and trying to rape her. According to the Cliffview Pilot, Oscar Ruiz was found in Englewood, NJ: "After spotting Ruiz on Palisades Court last night, Englewood detectives grabbed him and brought him in to headquarters."

On September 27, Mary Jane Jarman, 33, was jogging with her 8-month-old son in Fort Tryon Park near the the Henry Hudson Parkway and 190th Street when a man approached her, telling her, "Come here, come here." Jarman started to run but the suspect, armed with a broken bottle, managed to grab her in a bear hug and knock her and the stroller down.

Jarman managed to escape after beating the man with a bicycle pump. The suspect fled. Jarman said of the attack, "I just kept going. Nothing was going through my head except hit him hit him hit him... I was protecting [my baby] for sure. I was not going to go down like that. I was protecting him with my life. I was prepared to kill this man."

The NYPD identified the suspect as Ruiz, 35, last week. Ruiz, who has been interviewed by NYPD investigators, is awaiting an extradition hearing in NJ.