A NJ police department is investigating one of its own over disturbing claims that the officer would unzip his pants during traffic stops with young men and expose himself. The Sussex County Prosecutor's Office affidavit states that there's evidence that Newton cop Jason Miller's "pants were opened and/or his genitals were exposed and/or a zipper can be heard opening or closing."

According to the Smoking Gun, the affidvit says "Miller exposed himself during 'numerous' late-night traffic stops to 'satisfy his prurient interests.' He then allowed the male motorists to leave without traffic summonses, though, in some instances, he was aware the driver had been drinking or that a vehicle’s registration and insurance were expired.'" He would also allegedly follow the drivers! For instance:

“K.K.,” a 23-year-old driver, told police that he was recently stopped by a Newton officer while driving a male friend home after a late night out. The officer, “K.K.” said, “asked him if he noticed the officer’s zipper was down.” The driver said no. After the traffic stop was completed, the man dropped his friend off and continued driving.

It was then that the driver realized he was being followed by the same officer who had pulled him over. The cop eventually pulled up alongside “K.K.” and motioned for him to roll down his window. “The officer again asked him if he noticed that the officer had his fly down. K.K. again told him no,” according to the affidavit. “The officer asked him if the person he was dropping off was his boyfriend. K.K. told him no, and then told him that he has a girlfriend.” The cop--whom investigators have identified as Miller--then “told him to have a good night and left the area.”

When the Newton Police Department posted on Facebook that Miller had been arrested, one man, David Santana, commented, "He beat my wife along with his partner. This was coming to him I'm glad the police dept did something about it and I hope the other one is also found guilty for what he did to my family."

Apparently while Santana was at the Newton Medical Center ER, his wife Emily Blohm refused to leave and police responded "at the request of the hospital staff for a report of a female out of control and refusing to leave the emergency room." Police said "she became disorderly and resisted patrols attempts to handcuff her and to remove her." Miller's lawyer Anthony J.Iacullo said, "The actions taken by Officer Miller relating to the arrest of this woman constituted a proper use of force and were necessary under the circumstances."

As for the public lewdness charges, Iacullo said, "Officer Miller is an excellent officer who vehemently denies these allegations, as they are false and baseless."