A former student at Ramapo College is suing the school, along with a Pi Kappa Alpha chapter, saying that the institution created an hostile environment to young women that led to her rape in 2014. In the lawsuit, she claims that while she was "completely intoxicated and passed out" on a fraternity member's bed, two other frat brothers "played the juvenile game of `Rock, Paper, Scissors,’ just outside... to determine who would get to sexually assault and rape" her.

The victim, whose named is being protected by a pseudonym, Jane Jones, filed the federal lawsuit last week against the school, the frat, her attackers, and other students who were involved. According to Courthouse News, the complaint accuses the college of "an official policy of deliberate indifference to sexual assaults and sexually hostile behavior, directly supporting, acquiescing in, maintaining and controlling environments for students that encouraged underage drinking and fostering this hostile sexual environment."

The lawsuit says that Pi Kappa Alpha's Date Night party was such a "dud" that members were recruiting other students to go. Jane says she was one of those recruited.

At the party, Jane says she noticed several PIKE fraternity members were tasked with pushing alcoholic drinks on women - including Jane - to get them drunk.

Jane says she was then lured into Pi Kappa Alpha sergeant at arms John Hogan's bedroom once she was completely drunk. Hogan is a defendant in the complaint.

While she lay on a bed completely intoxicated and passed out, a male student identified in the complaint as "CL" and fraternity member defendant Joshua Newman played the juvenile game of "rock, paper, scissors" outside the door to see who got to rape her first, Jane claims.

After becoming aware of the ongoing sexual assault, Hogan kicked CL and Jane out of the party rather than taking in steps to protect her. CL then took Jane without her jacket, shoes or underwear to the freshman dormitory across campus, according to the complaint.

Jane says she should not have been permitted to enter another hall on campus since she did not have ID to show at campus security checkpoints.

Arriving at the freshman dorm, student defendants Christopher Rainone and Justin Sommers agreed to give CL and another perpetrator, identified in the complaint as "NG," their dorm room knowing she was going to be raped, Jane claims.

In fact, not only did they know she was going to be raped, the two students along with student defendant Jordyn Massood took turns watching by the door and cheering while she was being raped, Jane says in her complaint.

Rainone, Sommers and Massood also allegedly filmed the rape: they "found the entire incident extremely humorous and entertaining as it has been reported that they were falling down laughing, hysterically, while also videotaping the sexual assault upon [Jane] with one of their cellphones."

When Jane awoke, she was naked and felt that she had been assaulted. "She went to Hackensack University Medical Center where medical personnel found she had lacerations consistent with non-consensual sex," NorthJersey.com reports.

Ramapo College has not commented about the lawsuit. This past summer, Christian A. Lopez, 26, and Nakeem Gardner, 20, were charged with aggravated sexual assault while Rainone, Sommers, and Massood, all 20, were charged with failing to aid the victim and invasion of privacy. They were all offered plea deals, with Lopez's and Gardner's plea deals including prison time and registration as sexual offenders.

Jane, who is seeking damages and a trial, left Ramapo College, which she chose apparently partly due to its security, and tried attending two other schools but is currently not enrolled. Her lawyer told the Post, "The fear factor she’s dealing with has completely derailed her college career."