A New Jersey bus driver probably is looking for a new job after students on her bus busted her for driving them while drunk earlier this week. The Courier Post reports that police in Westampton, New Jersey, have arrested Carole Crockett, 46, and charged her with 25 counts of driving under the influence with a minor, driving under the influence on school property, disorderly conduct and another 25 counts of endangering the welfare of a child for good measure. Luckily, nobody was hurt on Carole Crockett's wild ride.

Parents called Westhampton Middle School Monday (who then called the police) when Crockett's erratic driving caused the kids called them in fear. Reportedly Crockett was "swerving and falling asleep while behind the wheel." When police caught up with Crockett, who was trying to pick up more kids, she had 25 students on her bus and a blood alcohol level of .25. The legal limit is .08.

Crockett was released after "paying a portion of her $85,000 bail" (there were two: bail was set at $10,000 for the disorderly conduct offense and at $75,000 for the endangering charges) and is due back in court on the 17th.