According to MyFoxNY, police were investigating a break-in on a Marlboro Township, NJ street—when they discovered four alligators in the basement! And MyFoxNY is ready for the doubters: "Alligators living in the basement of a huge, fancy house on Deerfield Street in Marlboro Township? It does not sound possible, but Fox 5 EXCLUSIVELY obtained photos of the alligators police discovered."

Police left and later returned—perhaps they needed to get alligator-wrangling gear—only to discover that one of the gators was gone! The remaining alligators, which are 3-3.5 feet long, are being left in their basement aquarium until the NJ Department of Environmental Protection figures out what to do with them. (It is, as you might imagine, illegal to keeps alligators in homes.) And judging from the video, the basement aquarium is probably very comfy—the house it's in is pretty fancy!

No charges have been brought against the owners. As for the neighbors, they had a vague inkling of the reptile: A neighbor said, "We know that there was one, I did not know if it wasn't alligator or crocodile."