In March, 31-year-old Daniel Mann was charged with killing two cats at a Central New Jersey animal shelter—an animal cruelty charge carries a maximum 5 year prison term. Mann worked at the shelter, where the cats were up for adoption, and yesterday he pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree animal cruelty.

Mann told the judge he snapped after a bout with insomnia and some family issues he was dealing with. He was in the room where cats recover from surgery when he slammed one cat on the floor—which coworkers at the Monmouth County SPCA shelter witnessed—and another was later found strangled. The SPCA's chief said they would start instituting background checks for potential employees; Mann, who was hired to clean kennels, was previously arrested for burglary and resisting arrest in 2004.

According to WCBS, under a plea agreement, "Mann will face jail time, restitution and community service when he's sentenced in November."