With the report of a recent burglaries—including one apparently by a thief in a ninja costume who is able to make daring leaps—concerns about the so-called Ninja Burglar have been rekindled on Staten Island. The Staten Island Advance reports that the Iron Hills Civic Association "decided to rehire its security patrols in mid-March, a few weeks after the back-to-back burglaries of two doctors' houses on Ocean Terrace and Tiber Place." The security company's owner explained, "They're scared, and I can't blame them. It's dark. Very few people have fenced-in yards, so you can go from property to property. We're writing down license plate numbers, we're noticing utility vans that appear to have no particular direction." It's also a good idea for homeowners to do things, like lock their doors and close and latch their windows—the thief this week entered through an open 2nd floor window (luckily Snickers the dog alerted his owners).