After news of the Ninja Burglar's robberies at two homes in one night this past weekend, Staten Island residents are upset. One resident whose parents live near one of the recent victims told the Staten Island Advance that the two months in between robberies may have caused "people [to] let their guard down a little bit."

The most recent victims, on Ocean Terrace, elderly couple Jean and John Interlandi, spoke out. Their house was robbed right after a home around the corner was looted. They had set their alarm when John needed to be taken to the hospital after a serious fall, but the burglar broke through a sliding door. Jean Interlandi said, "The police think he just happened to see us leave [in an ambulance] and took the opportunity while he was here."

The thief did not take any cash, only her wedding and engagement rings, leading 85-year-old Interlandi to say, "I feel invaded and I feel sick...You know how you feel when you see something like that missing. I feel like it's the end of a whole lifetime. My husband falling and then this," and added she wasn't sure if her husband would make it.

The Advance article included more reminders about home safety: Iron Hills Civic Association member Charlie LaGranga said, "Close the garage door. Bolt down the house. And even when you're sleeping at night, keep the alarm on. We have to be very careful, because we're being distracted by the holidays," while Detective Joe Cavitolo said, "Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you lock your doors, and if anyone seems to be suspicious, call 911." And the Ninja Burglar is believed to be "white male, clad in black and what appears to be a ski mask. He's between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet tall, and weighs about 180 pounds."