Two of the biggest brands in the world came together today in New York to announce a partnership for a new product. Nike and Apple - who wasn't content just with opening a store on 5th Avenue - announced the Nike+iPod - a wireless system that can track your running progress and allow you to choose a "PowerSong" to pump you up when you hit a wall. The sensor fits into a special compartment under the insole and a receiver attaches to the iPod (which only works for the Nano). With the sensor, a voice can tell you what your progress is through the headphones with the touch of a button. Nike is rolling out several new Nike+ shoes in the fall, with the Air Zoom Moire as the first in the Nike+ line. There's also a pretty spiffy Nike+ website where you can track your run history and set up competitions with your friends. The Nike+iPod sports kit has a retail price of $29 and will be in stores in 60 days.

On hand (in addition to Nike CEO Mark Parker and Apple CEO Steve Jobs) were Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe - both of whom talked about running briefly. Armstrong - who is training for the New York City Marathon and is the 7 time Tour de France champion - said that he's been training 45 minutes - 1 hour a day and hopes to come within one hour of Radcliffe's finishing time. A tall task for most considering she finished the London Marathon in the world record time of 2:15.25. Radcliffe said that she's been running in Central Park while she's been here.

Also spotted by Gothamist was Futura and Spike Lee, who wears a size 9 sneaker.