amNew York takes a look at how well night clubs do with safety code compliance. It doesn't sound sexy, but getting trapped in a burning club isn't that sexy - we remember the Happyland Social Club Fire in 1990. The good news: Only 36% of restaurant and club owners have failed to comply with safety codes, in 2005 versus 50% in 2004. The bad news: That still means 36% of venues have failed to comply with safety codes. Some problems are that clubs will put more tables and chairs in, blocking exits, as well as locking emergency exits to prevent people from sneaking in. Then there are issues with ignoring capacity rules and not clearly marking entrances. But before you get too freaked out, the NY Night Life Association says, "We had 64 million admissions last year. That's all of New York City sports teams, the Metropolitan Museum, and all Broadway shows combined. It's not blind luck that nothing has happened." Okay, so just worry about shootings outside the clubs.

amNew York has a list of things clubgoers should look for - and number 2 is unintentionally funny: "At big clubs, patrons are supposed to have at least 3 square feet per person." - plus a list of clubs that violated the fire code in years past.