We've taken a lot of trains in our time—slow ones, downbound ones, mystery ones, bedbug ones—but we're very grateful we've never gotten stuck on a train made out of pure nightmares. Unfortunately, about 500 Long Island Rail Road commuters were not so lucky this week when their train got stuck in Queens for nearly two hours with no electricity or air conditioning.

The incident happened Thursday when the 10:39 p.m. train to Babylon encountered switching problems in Queens about 15 minutes after leaving Penn Station. Passengers then sat there until after midnight as temperature hovered in the high 80s and low 90s; the train didn't arrive in Babylon until 2:26 a.m., nearly 2 1/2 hours late.

An LIRR spokesperson told Newsday that it was a perfect storm of malfunctions: "You had, unfortunately, two problems that happened," Meredith Daniels told them. "It would have been less of a problem if it was just a switch problem or just a power problem. But together, it caused a longer delay."

It certainly sounded pretty hellish and dangerous. Via Newsday:

"The worst part of it was the heat. I was in a suit -- as were most people -- that was drenched," said Tom O'Hanlon, 25, of Rockville Centre, who took the train with two colleagues after an after-work dinner. "We had babies on our car who were obviously getting very frustrated with the heat and were screaming."

Which makes us wonder—which scenario would be worse: getting stuck on an LIRR train with no electricity or air conditioning, getting stuck on an LIRR train during a blizzard, or getting stuck on an LIRR train during St. Patrick's Day?