A relatively "simple" gynecological procedure went terribly, terribly wrong for one Long Island woman, resulting in the amputation of her legs and nearly killing her.

The nightmare for 33-year-old Stacey Galette began in the fall of 2009, when she underwent a laparoscopic (otherwise known as minimally invasive) surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy, the Daily News reports. The procedure did not exactly go as planned (presumably), and the surgeon reportedly punctured her colon. Oopsy! In addition to sending Galette into cardiac arrest thrice, doctors were ultimately forced to amputate her legs below the knee after she developed blood poisoning and gangrene.

Galette is understandably peeved about this incident, and is suing Winthrop University Hospital for millions. The hospital's defense? At least she's alive!

“Ms. Galette has made on many fronts a remarkable recovery. She certainly will be able to work. The colostomy can be reversed,” lawyer Peter DeNoto told the Brooklyn Supreme Court. These are not reassuring words. On the bright side, a search for "colostomy bag" led us to this disarming and informative video. Enjoy?