This kind of reminded us of Metallica's video for "One," featuring clips from Johnny Got His Gun

Second only to being buried alive, this is definitely on the Worst Fear list: being declared dead when you are totally alive and having no way of letting anyone know. That is what happened to one woman at Syracuse's St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center.

In 2009, Colleen S. Burns was a patient in the hospital after suffering from a drug overdose. In short, Burns was believed to be dead, and when a nurse did tests that showed she may be alive, the results were ignored. The signs? Burns was able to breath independent from a respirator, her foot moved during a scratch test, and her lips and tongue moved. But her family was told she was dead, and they agreed to let doctors remove her organs. It wasn't until she was on the table for the organ-harvesting procedure that she opened her eyes, and doctors shut it down.

According to, "The hospital's mishandling of the case was part of the reason the state Health Department fined St. Joe's $22,000 last September—the largest fine levied against a Central New York hospital since 2002." But Burns and her family never sued the hospital, and her mother said she was never upset about the incident, adding, "She was so depressed that it really didn't make any difference to her." She ended up committing suicide in January of 2011.