Police arrested a 27-year-old hotel worker accused of sexually assaulting a female guest inside the Dream Hotel on West 55th Street early on Sunday. The perp — identified as Jaime Marin Lopez Mendoza — allegedly forced himself upon the 27-year-old victim while she was sleeping just before 4 am, according to NY1.

The station reports that the victim and her boyfriend were "very drunk" when they returned to the hotel and had trouble getting into their room. Mendoza was summoned to help the couple into the room and either stayed there, or let himself back in after the victim fell asleep, according to reports. The victim claims that when she awoke, the employee was raping her.

The woman screamed and the suspect fled from the room, but he has since been apprehended. Another hotel guest heard the woman shouting: "There was girl standing down the hallway, and when I said, 'Please be quiet!,' she started talking about some man trying to have sex with her." It's unclear whether or not the victim's boyfriend was in the room at the time. The incident occurred less than two months after an Australian businessman was arrested for allegedly attempting to rape a maid at the Standard Hotel.