2006_08_clublife.jpgThe two women who were shot outside of Crobar last month are now suing the club for $20 million each, claiming there was inadequate security. Antoinette Bryan and Angelita Dunkley, who still haven't returned to their jobs due to their injuries, told the Daily News there should have been metal detectors at the club.

And as the City Council introduced a plan to require clubs to have more stringent security to cut down on underage drinking, it turns out a 17 year old Queens girl sneaked into to Don Hill's, got wasted, and was later gang-raped in an apartment. Police sources say she "drank heavily and smoked pot" at Don HIll's and was taken out of the club by her attackers, one of whom was apparently an old high school classmate. While Don Hill told the Daily News the underaged are not allowed and that the police hadn't come to investigate yet, a man was stabbed there in early July. We wonder if more clubs are thinking about buying more cameras and better security, even though they might be expensive - better that than have incidents at the club.