The Department of Health is rolling out a "two-pronged effort" to encourage New Yorkers to stop smoking. Prong one: Between now and May 15, smokers can get nicotine patches and/or nicotine gum for free by calling 311. Prong two: A new ad campaign with Ronaldo Martinez, who lost his larynx due to throat cancer.

You may not have been able to forget previous ads with Martinez, where he speaks through his throat. Now, along with TV and print ads, there's an Internet advertising component where you can email an audio message in Martinez's voice to smokers in your life to get them to quit. Really - check it out here.

Do the ads scare you into quitting smoking? NY1 found that the ads made at least one New Yorker uncomfortable: "It's difficult to watch. I've seen the old ones and I know personally, I just change the channel." You can watch all the ads here and here's how you can learn about smoking cessation programs from city hospitals.