In honor of our mayor, Michael Bloomberg, coming in at a hot #63 on the Forbes World's Richest People List, Gothamist is taking suggestions for nicknames. Mayor Bloomberg has no nickname - Mike doesn't count, because it's pretty bland...if I said Mike, you'd think of Michael Jordan first. Or Mike Piazza. Unlike the use of "Rudy." Molly once spotted the "Gooliani" written on the subway, which has a certain ring to it. Much like a school playground, we're rolling up our sleeves on this one, and we're not going to exclude any reference of height [thanks Rudy Online] Mike, you're the 63rd richest man in the world, you can deal with it.

While I await a reply from Mayor Bloomberg to my email, post your suggestions in the comments section. To get you started:

Shorty Too Rich (Jake's add and a current favorite)
Li'l Mike
Little Money B
Little Rich Man

"Michael Bloomberg! Your Wu-Name is Pre-Raphaelite Shaolin Use it wisely, soldier." From the Wu Name Generator.