accuwx0511.jpgAfter an early morning thunderstorm that was more noticeable for its bark than bite today's weather has calmed down considerably. The cold front is still way upstate and won't get here until tonight. The delay means there is still a slight chance that a few showers, or another weak thunderstorm will form. Looking at the latest radar, we see a few showers popping up to the north and west of the city. Gothamist doesn't expect much out of these showers other than possibly a brief heavy rain.

The cold front should pass through the city around midnight. The front will get rid of the humidity and usher in cooler air for a few days. Tomorrow's high will be in the low 70s and Sunday should be a few degrees cooler. Mostly sunny skies will prevail both days. If you look at the Weather Service forecast you'll see them mention a 30 percent chance of showers for Saturday night. Don't sweat it. At worst we'll have a brief period of light rain.

The temperature rebounds a bit on Monday, and should jump back to the lower 80s on Tuesday, before unsettled weather arrives mid-week.

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