How many people have to be hospitalized before Nic Cage's reign of terror ends? Earlier this morning there was another car crash connected to Times Square set of Sorcerer's Apprentice, where a stunt car chase went dangerously wrong just days ago. This time, however, it was the production team that found themselves in harm's way; filming had just wrapped for the night when a BMW SUV traveling south on 7th Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets crashed into a parked car after swerving to avoid striking a yellow taxi. According to ABC 7, the unoccupied vehicle was then sent hurtling onto the sidewalk, striking as many as eight crew members gathered under the marquee of Mama Mia. Production team member Hameen Rasul tells CBS 2, "The streets shouldn't have been open, we had the streets until 5:30." Eight people were taken to the hospital with "minor injuries" and no charges were filed—though we all know who's really at fault here, and if there's any justice one day he'll have to answer for his crimes. Particularly Bangkok Dangerous.UPDATE:Will it never end? A commenter hips us to a devastating fire at Park Slope's Grace Cleaners while Sorcerer's Apprentice was filming in the neighborhood; although investigators have yet to link Cage to the blaze, one imagines the production's parked trucks may have complicated the firefighters' response.