The Devils appear to be safe...for now. Yesterday reports surfaced that the NHL was getting ready to seize the New Jersey hockey team from owner Jeff Vanderbeek but now the NHL deputy commissioner is saying that is not the case. "I don’t anticipate either the league having to take over the team, or the team having to file for bankruptcy," Bill Daly told reporters.

"We are working closely with the team’s current ownership and progress continues to be made toward a financial restructuring that will ensure the stabilty of the franchise going forward." Like another local team, the Devils ownership has been dealing with some tough financial issues lately. According to reports, the team has until August 14 to refinance its debt.

Reportedly owner Vanderbeek is "near a deal to sell a majority stake to a mystery investor, which would allow him to keep control of the Eastern Conference champions, one source said. The proceeds from a sale would be used to repay lenders much of the $77 million in past due debt."

On the plus side for the team? Though it normally has pretty poor attendance (about 15,000 per game during the regular season), it is presumed that the team's 11 packed home playoff games should have at least helped the bottom line a bit. Though surely things would be even rosier if they'd won the Stanley Cup!