A group of NHL players is suing developer Ken Jowdy for taking the $25 million they invested in golf courses because they accuse him of "blowing it on parties packed with porn stars, hookers and his preferred baseball buddies, including ex-Yankees Roger Clemens and Reggie Jackson." The Post reports that one lawsuit's claims include: "Put a Clemens gal pal named Adrian Moore, described as a 'regular party attendee who was close to Clemens,' on his payroll 'as a personal favor' to the former Yankee Cy Young winner" and "Hired Brian MacNamee - the onetime Clemens trainer who told Congress he supplied the ballplayer with steroids - as a fitness trainer." The plaintiffs are seeking the $25 million back plus $15 million in damages, but Jowdy told the News, "There's not one statement of fact in the [lawsuit]...All I have to do is tell the truth. I have nothing to hide." Jowdy says he'll sue for libel.