It's been an exciting season for NY football fans: Rex Ryan and the Jets will meet UGG boots spokesman Tom Brady and the Patriots in a decisive divisional game next Monday that will likely determine the number one seed in the AFC; the Giants meanwhile are tied for first place in the NFC East with the Eagles. Some are even starting to murmur about a Jets-Giants Super Bowl. Everybody better enjoy it while it lasts, because there's still a possibility that there may be no Super Bowl next year.

Yesterday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced a league-wide ticket refund policy for all general tickets during a possible lockout next year, the strongest indication we've had lately that all is not well in collective-bargainingland. "We are working hard to secure an agreement with the union that is fair and forward-thinking to ensure our game is sound and strong well into the future. We know we will reach an agreement at some point. We all want football without interruption, but our fans are entitled to know now that they would receive refunds if any games are canceled," Goodell said in a league release. Teams will determine its policies for club seats, suites and payments for personal seat licenses.

The league and the players association have reportedly not been able to make much headway in discussions to avert a lockout, which would take place after the current collective bargaining agreement expires in March. Fox thinks that this is the "strongest signal yet that the NFL could be heading for a lockout," and the News thinks the NFL is "letting its fans know they shouldn't be taken by surprise." On the plus side, if there is a lockout, maybe the time will be right to revive that one-season wonder that was the XFL.