The four-and-a-half month long nightmare is truly over: you know that football is back when Rex Ryan delivers his first pumped up inspirational speech of the post-lockout world. Deals can't officially be made until Friday, but that isn't stopping teams from jumping on free agents like R.A. Dickey on a Tolkien reference. And the biggest news so far for our local teams? The Jets have officially re-signed star wide receiver Santonio Holmes, and the Giants are considering re-signing former wide receiver Plaxico Burress...once they're allowed to talk to him.

The Jets had prioritized Holmes as number one on their free agent list, and made sure not to lose out on the former Super Bowl MVP; the deal can't officially go through until Friday, but ESPN reports that it is a five year deal believed to be in the $10 million-a-year range. Unfortunately, insiders say this makes it unlikely that the team will be able to re-sign fellow receiver Braylon Edwards, although Mark Sanchez prepared us for that yesterday: "It was such a luxury to have both of them last year. It's almost unrealistic to have that kind of a receiving corps again." On the other hand, Edwards is in Cleveland today facing a probation violation and possible jail time after pleading guilty to drunken driving he may not even play this year!

Instead, the Jets may turn to Randy Moss, or possibly even Burress, who was just released from prison last month, and is physically AND existentially in better shape than when he arrived. But the Jets will have to contend with the Giants for Burress it seems—he was scheduled to meet with his former coach, Tom Coughlin, about a potential return to the Giants today, except that due to the 2011 Transition Rules, they aren't allowed to meet face-to-face until Friday. Kissing Suzy Kolber thinks Plax should play it real cool when he does meet the team: "That means the meeting will have to be pushed back to Friday at 6 pm sharp. Plaxico should stroll in to Coughlin’s office at about 6:15. He can’t predict traffic, coach."