Two former college football players slated to be top prospects in next month's NFL draft have been accused of brutally beating a Manhattan man at a SoHo nightclub last week. The victim claims the young men bashed him in the head with a hookah water pipe, leaving him with injuries that warranted surgery; police say no arrests have been made.

Michael Haver, 28, says former University of South Carolina football players Kelcy Quarles and Victor Hampton, both 22, attacked him in the VIP room of Greenhouse in SoHo on Friday night. "For no reason at all, I got hit with something and pummeled, that's all I know, all I remember them being on top of me," he told ABC News, claiming the two men repeatedly hit him in the face with a hookah pipe. "I'm in pain, the pain is excruciating, I can't eat."

The football players are both expected to be selected in May's NFL draft and were in town for a photo shoot with ESPN. Quarles, who is reportedly being courted by the Chicago Bears, denied his involvement to a local newspaper in South Carolina. "I’m (mad) about it because it’s going to hurt my draft status,” he told S.C. paper The State. “I’m about to do everything I possibly can to get my name cleared because it’s not fair. I had nothing to do with this.”

Both Quarles, Hampton and fellow former teammate Charles Sutton, who reportedly suffered a minor stab wound that night, have returned to South Carolina. The NYPD says they want to bring them in for questioning as potential witnesses.

This isn't the first time an allegedly violent brawl has broken out at Greenhouse. In February, a 23-year-old woman reportedly lost sight in one of her eyes after a man hit her in the face with a bottle, and in 2012 the club was temporarily shuttered thanks to a bloody broken bottle brawl that broke out between rappers Drake and Chris Brown at its downstairs club, Work In Progress (WIP).