Governor Spitzer outlined his agenda for the year, and besides tackling judicial pay raises and campaign reform, the governor also wants to target violent video games and movies. Hmm, could this be timed with the fall release of Grand Theft Auto IV, which is set in a NYC-like city?

The Staten Island Advance reports Spitzer "wants to restrict access to these videos and games by children, similar to motion picture regulations which prohibit youths under 17 from being admitted to R-rated movies without a parent or adult guardian." Right - because movie ratings work so well. And because no parents ever decide to buy something to for their kids without playing the game or watching the movie themselves.

The Governor said that stores that sell violent "mature" games to minors could be penalized, similar to stores clerks who sell cigarettes to the under aged, but other states' efforts to do limit access to violent entertainment have been stalled by legal challenges. Spitzer will explain more this Friday at the Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network.

Images from Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City