2006_02_solitaire.jpgHot damn: The Post says an employee in the city's Albany office was canned because Mayor Bloomberg saw solitaire on his computer! Of course, the Mayor's office claims that it was because there were budget cuts across the board and a job had to be eliminated in the 13-person office, but let's face it, that's a boring way to tell the story. Edward Greenwood (husband and father of one) was paid $30,000 to do aministrative work says that after Bloomberg had visited the offices last year, his boss had mentioned (though not to Greenwood) that the billionaire mayor was upset at seeing solitaire on a computer screen. While Greenwood says he did have that Microsoft Office necessity up, he insists that he was "running around" doing work. Office workers know that rule number one of the office computer is "Outlook is king!" - keep that up at all times. This is why disgruntled office workers turn to writing books about their annoying bosses - having a Word document open looks less suspicious. We bet the Mayor's office will make sure things like iTunes, AIM, and any non-government Internet surfing will remain off limits very soon!

Would the Mayor be against a desktop Zen garden?