A few weeks ago, right after dropping his bulldog at the vet's for knee surgery, Ice T was arrested for driving with a suspended license near the Lincoln Tunnel. Ice T said it was bullshit and blamed an overage rookie cop (which raised the ire of the PBA). Now Ice T says he's suing...the DMV.

During his webcast with Final Level Twitter Gang followers, Ice T claimed that the license was deemed suspended because the computer said his insurance lapsed in 2008. He also said the cop decided not to give him a ticket but to arrest him "because he could." But the rapper-actor isn't going after the man, telling TMZ: "At the end of the day, after I get this dismissed … I either can sue the DMV or the insurance company … and that’s when I have my revenge."

It doesn't seem like Ice T got into any scrapes with the law as he took puppy Spartacus to get his stitches out today—or when he was partying with Will Ferrell last night. Spartacus himself Tweets, "It will take a couple weeks before I'm not Crip walkin anymore."