The possibility of moving commercial businesses out of the Red Hook/Gowanus Area to make way for converted apartments revives the struggle between businesses and gentrification. The businesses that helped revitalize the area may be forced to move out, in order for the Port Authority to hand over the real estate to developers who want to take advantage of the views from Red Hook. Many of those businesses suspects that the city may rezone the area for residential living, which would mean the end of those businesses and jobs. The Times notes that this "mirrors what is happening in Long Island City, Queens, and Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn" and that businesses that may be forced are thinking of going to...New Jersey.

The Red Hook Gowanus Chamber of Commerce is opposing a variance that allows conversion of a warehouse; Chamer of Commerce administrator Phaedra Thomas says, '"It feels like Red Hook is being dismissed as the viable maritime and industrial community that it is. They've determined that its future is as a luxury waterfront community." Now, Gothamist believes in the industrial businesses and the blue collar workers, both for their downmarket je ne sais quoi and also to have sex with, but residential development means more opportunities for Manhattan sous chefs to open their own restaurants. It's not called the "most complex land-use battle in the city" for nothing. Gothamist will just idle by thinking of lame nicknames for the areas: ReHo...Gowa...ReGo...

An interesting study by the Red Hook-Gowanus Chamber of Commerce about businesses that are forced out.

Bluejake's photos of Red Hook at night and the Gowanus in winter. And we cannot forget the Gowanus seal.

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