World's Richest Historian Newt Gingrich visited a South Carolina radio station yesterday and began taking shots at the GOP's consistently milquetoast champion Mitt Romney, saying, “it’s wrong to go around and adopt radically different positions based on your need of any one electorate, because then people have to ask themselves, what will you tell me next time?” Gingrich should take his own advice, because what he told a deeply conservative crowd last night regarding illegal immigration sounded a lot different than his flirtation with "mercy" in front of a bunch of DC thinktank suits last week.

After previously saying he wouldn't kick out immigrants who have resided in the United States for decades and attend "a local church," Gingrich qualified his statements in response to critiques that he is for "amnesty." He wouldn't give those people citizenship or a right to vote, he'd ease restrictions on deportation (as if enough people aren't being deported) and would deny federal funding to "sanctuary cities," such as New York.

If that doesn't tickle your Family Research Council membership card, he also wants to build a massive fence along the border of Mexico by 2014, believes that South Carolina's new racial profiling-friendly immigration law "reasonable" and doesn't believe waterboarding is torture. If that's the case, maybe the GOP primary electorate should tilt Newt back and give him a few pours to see who the real candidate is.