Just last week we learned that Newt Gingrich would soon be "imposing" his fantastic solutions on us in 2012. One of those solutions was "a balanced budget," which we thought meant "not racking up large amounts of debt" but what Newt clarified today actually means "SHUT. UP. There's a sale at Tiffany's!"

According to his third wife Callista's financial records, which she was required to disclose as an employee of the House of Representatives, Gingrich had a "revolving charge account" that carried debts of "$250,001 to $500,000." Looks like Newt may not be "imposing" policy on us anytime soon (unless we're his dying wife, in which case we'll need to sign here, here, and here).

Politico drops the bombshell just days after Gingrich took to the Sunday political vomitoriums talks shows to get all Mavericky and chastise the GOP's health care proposal as "right-wing social engineering" (don't worry, this guy made him pay for it). While we're not sure what exactly Gingrich bought at Tiffany's, we surmise that marrying your mistresses over and over would require lots of shiny trinkets to smooth over the fact that you know, you're married. Nothing says "I'll marry you in a few years but let's just keep banging" like a Tiffany's charm bracelet!