This week will feature the last ever print edition of Newsweek magazine. Editor-in-chief Tina Brown tweeted, "Bitter sweet! Wish us luck! #LastPrintIssue" with a photo of the cover, and that hashtag, "#LASTPRINTISSUE" is the headline on the cover.


The announcement to end the venerable newsweekly's print presence was made in October, with Brown explaining, "In our judgment, we have reached a tipping point at which we can most efficiently and effectively reach our readers in all-digital format." Brown and her boss, IAC mogul Barry Diller, took over Newsweek and rolled it in with her online publication, The Daily Beast. Brown said that it "cost $42 million just to print Newsweek... Before you’ve even engaged one writer, or one copy editor, or one picture editor. Forty-two million dollars." (Newsweek/Daily Beast started layoffs this month.)

Newsweek is expected to roll out a digital edition next year.